Social Media Management

Social media is here to stay, and the way in which we market our businesses will dictate whether we succeed or fall behind. Technology enables most social media platforms to change and update every day, and it can be challenging as a business owner to stay ahead of these changes and capitalize on them. At The Social Localist, we'll help with everything from creating profiles and managing and scheduling out content to analyzing metrics and running strategic social media advertising campaigns. Every partnership begins with a discovery conversation to learn more about your unique goals, a social media audit and a comprehensive strategy to ensure business growth. 

BONUS: With experience in graphic design we can offer image creation and photo editing via Adobe Photoshop. (fist bump-yes!)


Content Marketing

Content is king and today that can mean anything from short and long-form content to videos or images. While all of these components are necessary for a successful social media strategy, we understand that some businesses only need these as one-off projects-and we can help with that! Whether it's blogs, website copy, graphics content or ad copy, we take the time to learn your industry and tailor content to your audience. 


Digital Marketing Presence

Your digital footprint extends far beyond social media and it can be easy to neglect these additional channels. We can help identify, update and maintain these platforms to ensure brand consistency and marketability (think-TripAdvisor, Yelp, local event boards, etc.).  


Marketing Consulting

Sometimes you just need a little advisement and that's ok! We can help by setting up an in-depth conversation to analyze what marketing efforts your business currently has in place, what's working and what challenges you're facing. Let The Social Localist help steer you down the right path.