Social Media Marketing

In a highly visual world, social media is one of the most effective marketing strategies to showcase and sell your business. Social media can be the definitive reason a buyer, partner or candidate chooses your brand over the competition, or it can be a stop along their journey that helps to persuade them.

When working with The Social Localist, we look at your social media strategy as a key part of your digital marketing plan. An effective social media marketing strategy works in conjunction with your sales goals and is never a one-off campaign. Contact us to learn more about The Social Localist integrating into your business as a social media manager or as a consultant for specific campaigns.

◦  Social Media Management
◦  Social Media Platform(s) Kick-off
◦  Industry Social Research
◦  Content Creation
◦  Social Media Marketing Blueprint
◦  One-on-One Consultations
◦  Competitor Research

Social Media Advertising

Whether you’re looking to do ongoing social media advertising, specific campaigns aligned with a sales initiative or a one-off ad, we’ve got you covered. Designing a successful social media advertising campaign is both an art and an equation. We work together to hone in on your target audience, identify goals and budget, and create a successful advertising campaign that delivers. We have experience with:

◦  Brand Awareness
◦  Link Click Ads
◦  Boosted Ad Posts
◦  Facebook Lead Ads
◦  Email List Ads
◦  Multi-Platform Reach
◦  Event Ads
◦  Page Engagement + Growth
◦  Offer Claims

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Content Creation

Let’s face it…when it comes to social media and your website, content is everything. If you want a quality audience, you need to have quality content. So what are we talking about exactly when we say content? Content includes everything from the photos and videos on your social media platforms, to blogs on your website, case studies, eBook copy, sell and info sheets, and much more. Contact us with your specific needs so we can identify how we might be able to help.

◦  Social media photography
◦  Social media videos
◦  Custom social media content calendar
◦  Industry content research
◦  Blog strategy + blog content
◦  Case studies
◦  Website copy

Reputation Management

In a world where one negative comment or review can dismantle a brand, an effective and strong reputation management strategy is necessary. Allow us to be the eyes and ears for your organization so you can rest assured knowing a plan is in place.

◦  Yelp management
◦  Trip Advisor management
◦  Reputation management plan
◦  Google Business
◦  Social listening
◦  Industry-specific review platforms

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Brand Audit to Marketing Blueprint

It’s challenging to move forward if you don’t know where you are. With a brand audit, you’re able to to uncover inconsistencies, realign and move forward with a detailed improvement plan. With this new found insight, we work with your business to build a tailored digital marketing blueprint aligned with your sales goals.

◦  Complete digital brand audit + detailed report
◦  Suggestions and strategy for moving forward
◦  Social media content FAQ’s and ideas
◦  LinkedIn Company Audit
◦  Brand style guide
◦  Digital marketing consulting sessions + blueprint

Digital Marketing

Whether you’re looking for a complete digital marketing strategy, webinar creation, blogs, event management, website copy, or website creation, we’ve got you covered. We work to create digital marketing that represents who you truly are as a business.

◦  Digital marketing blueprint
◦  Digital marketing consulting
◦  Website creation
◦  Website content
◦  Webinar concept, slides and promotion
◦  Event management

Education & Workshops

An eagerness to continue learning is a step on the journey to success. We love teaching small to large businesses alike the ins and outs of social and digital content marketing. With experience in B2B and B2C marketing, we understand that every company benefits from digital marketing in different ways. While Instagram may be ideal for one businesses needs, LinkedIn may be better suited for another. We work with your company to identify the platforms and channels you need to be on, and the strategy that’s best aligned with your goals. Once that initial consultation is set, we offer in-office workshops, employee ambassador training and social media training.

◦  Corporate employee ambassador training
◦  Digital marketing consulting
◦  In-office workshops
◦  Small business social media training
◦  Mid-size to large business social media training
◦  Partner workshops

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